Buying a home at
Warburton House

The three main criteria for purchasing are as follows:

Occupants must be aged 55 or over
Your annual household income can be no more than £80,000
You will need to sell any existing property owned before purchasing a home at Warburton House.

You can buy a share in your home (50% or 75%) with the remaining share owned by bpha. There is no rent to pay on a 75% purchase. In the future, you can simply sell your share for its value at the time of sale (current market valuation required) or purchase further shares in your home (up to 75%).

Example - 75% share

Full property value £370,000*
75% share £277,500
Monthly rent £0 (no rent payable)
Monthly service charge £204.96*

Example - 50% share

Full property value £370,000*
75% share £185,000
Monthly rent £415.36
Monthly service charge £204.96
*Prices subject to change, example only

How to apply

You will need to fill out the Help to Buy East and South East application form by visiting their website at (hard copy application form available upon request).

Once your completed form has been approved, we will then assess your current financial circumstances in relation to the specific home you are interested in.

Your current income must be sufficient to sustain the financial commitment involved. Please note that we will carry out a credit search before offering you a property.

For more information please contact us by:



At Domovo the wellbeing and safety of our customers and staff is the upmost priority and we are following rigorous procedures to keep everyone safe.

Now that Government restrictions have been relaxed, we are able to conduct viewings but still in accordance with the guidelines.

If you would like to view Warburton House, please contact Janet Bennett on 01234 986169 and she will happy to show you around or answer any queries or need advice.