Communal Facilities

There are a range of facilities on site to help make life easier including landscaped communal gardens, terraced areas plus a guest suite should a friend or relative wish to stay for a short period.


It’s easy to socialise at Warburton House with people of all ages. A range of on-site services and facilities will give plenty of opportunities to make friends and become part of community.

and security

The feeling of community at Warburton House means you will feel safe and secure. You will have access to an emergency call system connecting you to staff 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency, so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind that help will be there when needed.

the developer

Warburton House is owned and operated by bpha. bpha are a leading provider and developer of affordable homes.

They work together with communities – to improve opportunities, independence and quality of life for residents, and to benefit the wider community. bpha bring people together, and run and support a wide range of community activities. We bring people together, and run and support a wide range of community activities.

Founded in 1990, bpha has great experience in running retirement developments across the region with 16 services working in partnership.


At Domovo the wellbeing and safety of our customers and staff is the upmost priority and we are following rigorous procedures to keep everyone safe.

Now that Government restrictions have been relaxed, we are able to conduct viewings but still in accordance with the guidelines.

If you would like to view Warburton House, please contact Janet Bennett on 01234 986169 and she will happy to show you around or answer any queries or need advice.